Standard 1

Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation of the school district’s student achievement goals.

Artifact 1: Class website for 4th grade technology class
I created a website for the technology class I taught. I used the website as a communication and classroom management tool, allowing students to monitor their progress, check for new assignments, check their individual and class points and make sure they were up to date with what the current assignments. The website was also to provide parents with information about what was going on in the class, so they could see what we were studying and how the class worked.

Artifact 2: Kahoot online review for 5th grade Science
At Spirit Lake Middle School, where each student had their own computer, I frequently used the website Khaoot to construct an online review to check students understanding of the material we were learning. The students enjoyed playing the “game” and I was able to quickly see what concepts and ideas the class was having difficulties with with. The website provided in-depth information about questions, allowing me to reflect on which questions students had trouble with and which concepts students understood. This helped me to determine what areas I needed to either clarify or go into more detail about. This reporting feature was extremely useful for review. I could find material that students were having trouble with and construct multiple questions that would ask students the same thing but either phrased in different ways, using images or with a different selection of answers. It helped me as a teacher to narrow down possible issues with student learning and to help me determine how best to teach topics in the future.

The students also enjoyed creating their own quiz questions for me to include in our review games. During exploratory activities where I gave students choices on what they wanted to do, there was always a group or two who would decide to write quiz questions for me to use.

Artifact 3: Sample science newsletter for parents
When teaching science, it is important for parents to know how their students are going to learn about science, that it will be in a safe classroom where their students will be challenged.  I wrote this sample letter to be sent home to parents to help them understand what their children would be learning, and how they can help their child succeed.