Standard 2

Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position.

Artifact 1: Technology classroom word wall words
To assist my students with learning technology terms and vocabulary, I created a set of technology word wall cards. While many students these days use technology every day, many of them don’t fully understand what the terms they are using mean or they may be using them in the wrong way. I created a technology word wall that contains 180 technology terms that focus on Mac computers. There are enough for one new technology term every day for a full school year. I included as many images as I could with the terms to help illustrate the word. The word wall also includes at least one technology term for every letter of the alphabet. Using this lets me find new ways to bring language arts & reading into a technology class.

Artifact 2: Lesson & Observation
This artifact is a lesson from a 5th grade science class studying vascular and nonvascular plants. The lesson was also observed by the UNI Student Teacher Coordinator. This lesson had two distinct parts. The first part involves students creating diagrams to discuss the differences between vascular and nonvascular plants. The second part has the students going online, while working in groups, to fill out a scavenger hunt to further their knowledge. Students were asked to find answers to questions or examples of various different plants and include pictures to help them understand what they were discovering.

I feel that it is important to give students choices in their learning. The scavenger hunt allowed students to expand their knowledge by looking for information online that would meet the expectations of the scavenger hunt while at the same time giving students options to look into areas that might interest them.