Standard 4

Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meets the multiple learning needs of students.

Artifact 1: Modified materials for student with special needs
In my first student teaching placement, I had the benefit of working with a student who had Down Syndrome. The student was at a very different level than the rest of the class. After discussing with the special education teacher about the student’s goals and needs I modified the lesson we were landforms for something that would be more suitable to the student while keeping him involved in the class. This modification allowed the student to trace the letters of the words of the landforms, color in the landforms and work on recognition of what the different landforms were.

Artifact 2: Vertebrate / Invertebrate Matching game & Game design lesson
One of the things I really enjoy is coming up with games to teach concepts to students. One of the classes that I had the opportunity to teach was really competitive and responded very well to games in the classroom which challenged them against other people. While designing games for the classroom I pay special attention to the various different play styles that exist between students. Some games require team work, others are played by themselves and some of them require competing  against another person. In this game I made a set of cards and printed them out.  Each card contained a different invertebrate or vertebrate. Students shuffled up the cards and then placed them face down on the table, playing a memory game where they would only be able to match if they picked a matching pair (either invertebrate or vertebrate) and correctly identified which of the two groups that the animal fit into.

Students played multiple games and really enjoyed learning the different animals and determining if they were a vertebrate or invertebrate. After 2 rounds of the game, I gave students the choice to continue to play the game or develop their own game using the same cards to teach the same concept.

Artifact 3: Modifications to science lessons to assist diverse learners
While taking an Investigations into Physical Science course, I was provided the opportunity to modify lessons used in Operation Primary Physical Science for students in an inclusive science classroom.  Working with a team of 3 pre-service teachers we created adaptations for existing lessons that would help to include students with special needs in a regular classroom. We took our adaptations and presented them at a National Science Teachers Association pre-conference workshop.  The list of adaptations that I contributed to the final document can be found here.