Standard 6

Demonstrates competence in classroom management.

Artifact 1: Personal thoughts on Classroom Management.
While taking my Classroom Management course, I reviewed multiple theorists and studied various different strategies used in the classroom to facilitate a safe and positive learning environment that will encourage the intellectual, emotional and behavioral growth of my future students.  The following paper is my collection of thoughts on what will make the best possible classroom for me to teach in, what I will do as a teacher and what I will strive to avoid. (See Philosophy of Behavior Management below).

Artifact 2: Classroom Gamification Mechanic – Points
For my Technology Class in my second placement I decided to try something different and “gamify” the class.So I wrote a program called ….. Since we were not grading the students (it was considered a specials class) we felt this would be an alternative assessment / classroom management technique. In my classroom game students earn points by doing various tasks in class such as making sure they come to class prepared, competing stages of the coding website on time and doing optional assignments. I put a positive spin on the points by finding ways to reward points, instead of instances where points are taken away. For example giving +10 points to everyone who brought their headphones, rather than -10 points for everyone who didn’t bring them. The students were VERY motivated to earn the points in the class which makes classroom management less complicated.  Students know what is expected from them in the classroom. Students could check their individual and class points on the class website, as well as see the points from the other classes.  I didn’t want the students to know the point totals that other students were collecting, so each student choose a “secret code name” that only they knew.

Artifact 3: Classroom Gamification Mechanic – Battle Bots
As students earn points and collected them both individually and as a class, they collaborate as a class to build a virtual robot. Using Google Forms, students decided on a base design of their sparKBot (the name of the class was sparK) and the color. Before each bot Battle, classes would vote to make purchases through an online “store” on how they wanted to upgrade their bot using the points they accumulated in the past week or two  While the points are a motivation to be responsible students, having the upgrades for their bot battles give the points meaning and value.  The students are excited to decide how their class bot will face off, and can see the fruits of their good work in class pay off as they upgrade their bot to give it new features and looks.  The battle itself was a modified version of Rock Paper Scissors (using Power, Guard & Dodge instead), with the bot upgrades providing bonuses to the various different results. Given enough upgrades and luck, rock could potentially beat scissors. Bot battle results were posted online and in hallway so students could see the results.  On days when we had the bot battles, students would be sending emails wanting to know how their bot did.  In the future I would like to find some method to animate the bots so we could have short clips of the battles. Many of the questions I received about the battles were about if  I personally watched the battles and recorded the results?