Standard 8

Fulfills professional responsibilities established by the school district.

During my student teaching placements, I felt that to fully experience the teaching experience  I would do every optional activity that my coordinating teacher did. I also followed the dress code and maintained professional attire. I made sure that I was at the school with enough time every morning to complete any tasks left over from the previous day, or had stayed later the previous night to be prepared for the next day’s lesson. I maintained a professional attitude at all events and  did my best to be a good representative of both schools that I had the opportunity to teach at.

The first activity that I participated in while at Okoboji Elementary school was the Fall Festival, an alternative to Halloween where I worked with the Pioneer Parents (the school’s parent/teacher organization) to set up and decorate the school.  I also dressed up and assisted in passing out candy to all the students who came.

The second activity was the building leadership team. My coordinating teacher was on the building leadership team so I was able to attend these meetings as well. It was a great experience for me to see what kinds of things are coming down from the state for the school, possible requirements for the future and how the school is dealing with challenges on both the local, district and at the state level.